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Fantastic game!

It's deserving of a sequel. The game was hard, but not so much as to be frustrating. It took me 4-5 tries to finish all the way through.

Sound gets an 8 because of the extremly screechy beginning, but it's not all that bad, really. Turning the sound down a bit solves that.

BTW, what was the name of that song?

Addictive as hell...

Great game! It's very Atari-like, and since those games rarly had much of a story, this game doesn't need one either. Kinda like Robotron, kinda like Galaga. Nice mix there.

It's pretty tough too, or I just suck. Got up to the second boss, and died there twice.

I'm gonna keep playing this though. Soooo addicting...

I did notice that at the beginning there are two other ships that are unused. Is there anyway to get those, or are they just kinda...there?

Great job!

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pixeljamgames responds:

Thansk! The two other ships in the hangar belong to the little orange space merchant that sells you upgrades. He uses the small one to bring you items. He was going to use the big one to haul your new ships out to you, but we ran out of time. This game was designed and built by 2 guys with hardly any money to work with. Mark DeNardo contributed greatly too, with the game's music and sound FX material. I'm so glad we managed to do as much as we did. If people can donate $$ we'll be able to do more..

Great game!

You did a good job. Pico does run a tad slow, but that's not a huge deterrent, really. Something like this also would have been great if there were some enemies in the halls too.

Great game, but needs a few improvements.

For one, this game lends itself REALLY well to mouse-play, but the mouse control shakes the paddle around so damn much that it's really tough to hit the, especially when it's flying across the screen like a damn bullet.

The life bar needs to be a bit more prominent, but that's no biggy. It just took me awhile to find it. :P Perhaps I'm just dumb?

Other than that, great game. Good job on this one.

Pretty good

I liked it, me being a fan of FPS's, but perhaps you could have a freestyle mode or something that takes away the time and ammo limitations? And remove any kind of firing delays so you can speed-shoot? Or maybe a time-trial mode, were you need to clear the screen as fast as possible? There are a lot of things you can do with this type of game.

Kept me playing for a bit buuuttt...

I noticed a few bugs. In the campain mode, at least on the first level, one of the CPU players got a headshot on his own teammate, seemingly on purpose. And secondly, the challange mode won't let me throw a grenade up and to the left. If you try and turn your angle up, it automatically turns you around.

Other than that, not a horrible game. Could use some improvemennts though, like more weapons.

Fantastic game!

I love this game, it's so addicting! I'm a tad irked by the hackers put themselves at the top of the list with impossible scores though...


Yeah, I can sorta see why this made front page, but I doubt it'll be here long. A lot of them were very repetetive, and most of those were just plain bland.
I only got up to about 37 before getting bored...


This game is sooo addicting...'nough said.
But seriously, it's awesome.


I am amazed by this. Instant favorites! Why-oh-why didn't I look at it before?!

Anyways, here's my song!

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