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You've heard all the critisism...

...way too short, you sold out, series is declining, very rushed, giant commercial, etc. You've heard all that already.

However, I think I should say that after starting Ep. 9, I closed out before it got too much into the story, and re-watched Ep 8, thinking (and HOPEING) I missed something. In short, I was dissappointed before I really started watching Ep. 9.

I love this series, really I do. Enough to want to buy the book. If I had found out about it on my own, and the series continued on WITHOUT all the crazy changes, I'd have begged my pops for it.

But, come on, Zoe has an exploding Teddy Bear and an eyepatch (for an injury, I assume) that was never explained in the flash series (which, by the way, is where your whole fanbase (or former fan-base, in some cases) COMES FROM).

I really wouldn't mind the shorter episodes if there was more story and less action. Not everyone here is blood-thirsty for some killing. Example: Nephtis' 5 second flashback could have been expanded, at least a little bit. And another: another flashback showing Zoe remembering about the bear's super action exploding capabilities.

Also, Zoe has NO CLUE who her parents were, etc. Nothing up to this point, but suddenly "OH WAIT! My Teddy Bear explodes..." It's just kinda funny (but not in a good way).

Then, you have this giant advertisement at the end for The Book. I don't think I need to explain how wrong that felt. But I'll say this: you could have gone about it a lot better. Example: coulda kept going with the storyline the way it was, before The Book. No exploding Teddy, no eyepatch. End the series, THEN tell people about the book. Say that the book has a thicker plotline, etc. It's different, not the exact same thing as the flash series. But INSTEAD, you changed a whole bunch of stuff, and told us to buy the book to find out why.

Conclusion, I MIGHT still buy the book. But it's far from first on the list. God of War 2, Eragon DVD, new Wii game to buy. Not to mention any cool stuff coming out between now and the time my little wish-list is complete.

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Agreed. Series.

Definatly series potential. I used to play MS too (before the high lvl 20 grind...I've got low patience for that stuff).

Good flash.

Kinda confused me the first time through, but I got it the second time around. It's interesting for sure. Though the first time I didn't know there was something after the credits, I saw it the second time.

It is missing something though (and not just better voice acting), I just can't quite place my finger on it.

T_T This is incredible!

BEST peice of animation I've seen on this site EVER! Looks a lot like a licensed anime. It could have been a bit longer, but then again, it IS a frame-by-frame, so my request is a bit much to ask for. Love how you matched the movements to the music; that's the kind of style I like to see!

Frickin' AWESOME!!

*tears off earpiece & ear*
"Shut the fuck up I know how to climb a fucking ladder JESUS ow my ear!"

"Sarry, bro.."

"Thanks Jesus."

"Itss coo..."
Frickin' hilarious!!

("I'll go on ahead, you look at my ass.")

This was awesome

Alright, I can understand that you're not doing any more parodies, but these charactors are too good to just...let die. They don't need to be connected to Salad Fingers to be funny.

Just my two cents. Awesome flash, keep it up....playa...homie...G...

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rtil responds:

maybe you will see scribblyhead and oddface someday again, who knows.

Definatly lives up to first.

This is just as good as the first one! Megatokyo kicks ass, BTW.
All your base! ^_^

Sonucais responds:



OK, what gender IS Salad Fingers anyway?!?!

He says, "Back form the great war to visit your older BROTHER." Then he/she flirts with him. At the end he/she is wearing a dress. Perhaps he's homosexual?
I'm confused...

But other than than, not too bad. Not as creepy as the others though (and that's saying something).

T_T this series to sooo awesome...

I love this frickin' series! This episode was pretty damn good along with the others. Can't wait for the next one! XD

This is awesome

That was definately original. Love the dance-off! (The kid won IMO).
I wasn't much for the music choice, but there aren't many dances you can do to rock music, huh?
Love this piece. Please make another! (T.W.O.?)

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